About New Neighborhoods

There are many new construction projects currently underway in our area that will result in beautiful new neighborhoods. If you are in the market for, or are thinking of purchasing in one of these, you should be aware that there are some key negotiating differences as compared to the more traditional approach of buying an existing resale home.

To ensure you maximize the very best value for your hard-earned dollars when purchasing in a new neighborhood, you need to work with a local real estate professional who understands those differences and will bring them into consideration on your behalf at the negotiating table.   

While it’s very exciting purchasing a new construction home, it can also be an intimidating and stressful process. It’s important that you work with a Realtor to help guide you through that process, and here’s the best part, it doesn’t cost you anything.  As someone who has personally gone through this alone, before I became an agent, I can tell you it would have been very helpful, and financially advantageous, if I had a Realtor working with us.    

As an example, when a builder develops a tract of land and starts a ‘New Neighborhood’, they will typically build a few model homes with many extras (that are not usually included in the base price). Additionally, they will have a trained staff of sales people who can help guide you, but note that their incentives and best interest is aligned with the Builder, NOT you – the purchaser. When we work together, my interest will be with you and getting you the best home and value possible.

If you are planning on buying in a New Construction Neighborhood, please give me a call at any time and I would be delighted in helping you through the process representing your best interest.

I look forward to working with you in the near future.